A news organization quickly organizing around breaking news, a chip company collaborating around design, an ER sharing customer conditions with remote experts to save lives, a retailer aligning employees with daily campaigns, a consultancy group integrating with dozens of client organizations- and so much more! That's how brilliant teams use Convo.

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What is Convo?

Convo is a platform for work conversations that helps large teams come together. With an easy newsfeed format, users can chat, upload files, highlight and comment to have fast, focused and secure discussions.

Our Team


Headquartered in the Bay Area, Convo has a team of passionate people behind it. We believe that if it is not in-context, it causes clutter, stress and demotivation. The Convo founding team did an incredible job building a product that has individual customers with thousands users. Please join our team and help us grow it further!

Our Customers

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