April 18, 2012

A deeper look at the new Convo

We get a lot of great feedback about how Convo helps you be more efficient, get real work done with your team, and keep in sync with the pace of your organization. Over the past year we have packed in a lot of powerful features to make Convo useful for you, but along the way the interface also became more cluttered and complex than it needed to be.

We have recently released a set of navigation and interface updates to help reduce unnecessary clutter and make Convo as beautiful as it is powerful. Here is a quick look at the new stuff to look out for in the new Convo –

Simple and clean profiles and groups
User profiles and group pages now expose even more useful data in the right panel.
Along with details about someone’s designation, department and contact information, profile pages now also show top tags and top groups for each member in your network. There is also a counter for each member’s total posts and discussions.
Group pages include counters for total posts and discussions as well as the group’s top tags and most active members. In addition, the group page gives you a handy list of references, milestones and task lists shared with each group.

Readily available stats for groups and profiles.

Smart navigation

The navigation panel on the left keeps your chat contacts accessible at all times. Now its easier check who is online and jump into a conversation at any time. Your list of groups is also available on all group and News Feed views which makes it a breeze to jump across groups. Remember that you can always type in a user or group name in the search box above the News Feed to quickly get to the information you are looking for.

Better search

At the top of your search results, we already show you tags related to your query and suggestions to improve your results. Now the right panel also provides a full advanced search form that makes it easier and faster to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Advanced search

Easier than ever to Convo with your team

This release includes a bunch of improvements that make it easier for you to invite others and that help your coworkers get in and get started faster. An invite box is always available on the right panel of your News Feed and when you start typing an email address we auto-complete it for you with @yourcompany.com.

Easier than ever to invite your team.

Switch networks from your account menu

For those of you collaborating on multiple networks, you can now switch between them by clicking your user image at the top right of the application and selecting a network to jump to.

Switching networks

More goodies

  • Counter for directs – Now you know how many posts are shared directly with you, if there is an update or comment on these posts, and how many tasks have been assigned to you.
  • Better integration with email – Even though our customers say that Convo helps reduce the number of emails they send, we know its an important part of everyday work, so this release includes some improvements in processing the emails you send to your Convo groups or to your followers.
  • Performance optimization – We have updated our infrastructure and now are able to push some updates to you without asking you to download a new client version.
  • Linking Convo posts – We know that sharing links of Convo posts is popular with our customers so we focused on some major improvements in links of Convo posts to make them seamless across the desktop and web versions. These also work great outside Convo when you share a link over IM or email.
  • Smoother navigation – Look out for some navigation improvements in the image and file viewers.
  • A bunch of fixes – As always we threw in a bunch of bug fixes too.

We’re excited to share the new Convo with you. You can access it on any browser and on the Convo Desktop app. We would love to hear what you think, so leave a comment below or email us at support@convo.com.

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