May 23, 2012

A First in Enterprise Social Networks – Introducing Group Chat

The team at Convo has maintained a laser focus on collaboration from day one. Our real-time and rich comments and chat make it easier for our customers to talk with each other even when they are miles apart. We have seen some great engagement overall but the breakdown of sharing vs. collaboration makes our day, every day. Of the total posts shared in Convo, 64% is dedicated to collaboration where 15% is just chat. Seeing how much you all like chat, we decided it was time to make it even easier to use.

Convo was the first and remains the only application to provide chat within your secure and internal company social network, and today’s release includes a complete design refresh on it’s chat module, as promised a week ago. The new chat gets out of your way and now opens in a small and familiar window so you can chat alongside whatever you are working on. Previously Convo chats would open in a tab and take over your entire screen.

Today, Convo also marks another major milestone in business social networks with our brand new (and awesome) group chat. You can now invite multiple people to create ad-hoc chat rooms for group discussions. We at Convo, to put it frankly, are currently obsessed with group chat. We use it all the time and get lots of value from it.

Between coworkers, chats often result in work items and captured knowledge. Studies show that 62% of workplace chat is work related and instant messaging is the least disruptive method of collaboration. This release of Convo packs another simple but powerful feature that allows you to share a chat with a group or privately with a coworker and disseminate value that was previously only available to a few, across your entire company.

You know how much we love feedback, so try it out right now and tell us what you think.

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