May 26, 2011

A Month In: Roundup & A Major New Update

Even with marathon workdays, sleepless nights, an EC2 outage, and real-time feedback under our belt, overall, it’s been an awesome ride so far. We launched Convofy last month and since then, the service has experienced phenomenal customer adoption and engagement. We’ve simply been blown away by the amazing responses from the early adopters. Within the first month, thousands of businesses have already signed up. They’ve shared over a hundred thousand posts and engaged in even more discussions. Within the first 48 hours after launch, we surpassed our goals for new sign-ups for the first month. Thank you!

We are very pleased to announce a major update that is available right now. The next time you sign in, this update will be automatically pushed to you, just make sure you click “Update”. Starting today, companies can upgrade from the free Convofy basic service to the premium plan and claim ownership of their network. Trusted employees can be appointed as network administrators to monitor and moderate networks. Network administrators can suspend former employees, block users and domains and restrict Convofy’s use to only approved IPs to ensure security. Paying customers also get access to priority customer support and can expect faster resolution to issues than requests from free networks. There are more planned features to come for Convofy Premium in the future, including custom usage and password policies that ensure that your company network operates under approved, specific guidelines.

This update includes a bunch of improvements, and some bug and usability fixes, and we also threw in a handful of some of the great suggestions you have been sending our way. Here are some changes to look out for:

  • Share iTunes, Amazon and eBay Products: Convofy now fetches the best available data to show you a great preview within the feed for iTunes, Amazon and eBay links. iTunes links are really useful for mobile app developers. Amazon and eBay links are great for tracking products that you are selling or buying.
  • The end of message titles & grouped posts: Some of you found the repeating text in the message title unfriendly, so we got rid of it. To open a message in a tab now, click the time stamp. We’ve also stopped grouping recent feed items based on user feedback. The feed is now always displayed in chronological order.
  • Custom network display name: Many of you (and our team too) wanted the ability to tweak the way your network name appears within the app. You can rename your network in Settings.
  • Print: Now you can print all types of posts in Convofy, including Notes, Task Lists, Milestones and Messages. You can print your team’s internal discussions on shared public links. We generate a PDF for print that you can also send out via email.
  • Links to Convofy Content: The links of Convofy content can now be sent over emails or IM. Anyone with access to the link is pulled back into Convofy – on mobile or desktop.
  • Improved file previews: We are constantly iterating to bring you better file previews, and have included some improvements in file conversion fidelity in this round too.
  • Helping you get your network going: Convofy is more fun with more people, so we made it easier for everyone to invite others.
  • Find groups fast: We noticed a lot of our networks had created a lot of groups, and that would of course mean that they might like an easy way of jumping to a group. So we added a little box on top of the Groups list, fitted with auto complete to help jump to a group quickly.
  • Find content in notes: Now finding something in your note is easy. Use Ctrl + F or Cmd + F, and type in the word or phrase you are looking for.
  • Copy image elements: You could already right-click an image to copy it, now you can draw a box and right-click to copy the image selection. This is a useful feature if you share designs and images and often need to reuse an element like an icon or a button back in Photoshop. We do this all the time and it a true time saver.
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