August 29, 2012

A more interactive Convo

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Convo isn’t super useful for working with my team, sharing ideas and having really, really productive discussions – but when Steve uploaded a great profile photo from his recent trip to Maui we quickly realized something was missing. We all wanted to say something about it, or even just hit “Like”. At the time, a full view of profile photos was not available in Convo so we had to make do with a simple message.

Life before interactive profile photos.

Today, we are happy to announce that your profile photos are now fully interactive and available in full, rich image previews. Go ahead and try it – Go to the Profile tab in Settings and upload a great photo of yourself. Then, sit back and watch the comments and likes pour in.

We have done the same for your company logo that sits at the top left of the feed. When someone uploads a new network logo, you will get a full image preview post your comments on it. Bonus tip: Also a great resource for downloading your company logo whenever you need it.

With the addition of the useful and fun new types of content in your feed, we took the opportunity to remove some of the unnecessary posts too. In this release we have hidden all system messages from the main feed and kept the good ones only: The next time a new user joins your Convo network or when someone shares a new group, you will see a new, improved and interactive system message. Although we hid all other system messages we know you may sometimes need them, when you do just click Filters>System Messages.

Also shipping today:
Reply to invitations – Send someone an invitation email today, they can now hit reply and you will get their messages directly in your inbox.
System alerts – Built in mechanism that lets us push system messages to you when we have a new announcement or new feature to share.

We love hearing from you so come talk to us or find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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