January 17, 2013

Alakazam! Invisible Updates from Convo

Invisible UpdatesTake in the views while downloading and installing today’s Convo Desktop app update because you will see this far less frequently. This isn’t because we will be pushing out fewer updates, we’ll be pushing out more!

Today’s release builds in the ability to update Convo automatically. This means that when we push out new features and improvements in the future, Convo Desktop will update silently without waiting on you to perform any manual steps. For those of you without installation privileges on your machines, this update is especially fantastic because it means you will no longer need to wait for your system administrator to install the latest version of the app and now connect with your team without any delays or interruptions.

Silent Convo updates = fewer interruptions = more work done. We are super excited about this feature and hope you like it too. Talk to us on Twitter and Facebook and tell us what you think.

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