July 18, 2012

Convo meets Robert Scoble, again

Just before the first unveiling of Convo, we were able to get Robert Scoble’s attention and show him our full product demo. As you can imagine, a technology company like ours was thrilled at the opportunity to show our work to someone who cares about technology, community, context and most of all conversation, as much as we do – we even named our product after it. The video demo remains in his top 100 and we still refer people to it – First look at future of work: Yammer & Salesforce Chatter have new competition.

Convo has come a long way since then so it was time to touch base with Scoble again. We had another great meeting with him at our San Francisco office to talk a little about what makes us different and some of our recent announcements including the release of the Convo API that lets our customers share content from another service to their own company’s News Feed automatically, eliminating the time and effort required to do this manually. Thanks Robert, for the great post – Convo: Your Company’s Powerful, Private Social Network.

Watch the short interview of Faizan Buzdar with Robert Scoble now.


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