February 5, 2018

As humans we communicate with each other everyday- at our homes, on social gatherings, with our friends and in offices etc. But how we do this varies from place to place. The same is the case with workplace communication. People… Read More

January 17, 2018

At some point in our lives, we have all worked with project managers. Some of us have even been in that position and some still are. And for anyone who has seen it up close, the reality is obvious. Project… Read More

January 10, 2018

Remote teams are increasing, businesses are going international and there is no time for people to use old conventional ways of working. While there are many collaboration apps out in the market, with very major players in the ring too-… Read More

January 3, 2018

Work is becoming more and more digitized each day. Files are now dynamic and not stacks of paper, people don’t have time for meetings that drag on for hours without any productive outcome and work does not mean sitting on… Read More

January 26, 2017

If you’re a power user of Convo, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re not a power user, hang onto your seats — because you’re about to become one. Level up your Convo game in 5 minutes with these… Read More

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