April 24, 2013

Brand new Convo for iPhone – where business moves faster

We are delighted to introduce the latest version of Convo for iPhone today, our biggest update yet.

We have completed some major optimizations that makes the app feel snappier. Today we also release several new features that are designed to help you engage more with your team, participate in discussions, and painlessly consume more information.

Easier than ever to talk to your team
Convo is all about collaboration and communication, and all changes made available today make it a whole lot easier to do just that.

Several optimizations across the app make commenting and messaging up to 40% faster. With the new fixed toolbar, no matter how far you have scrolled starting a new message is always just one tap away and the new message box has got a new lick of paint.

You will see new right-side panels for comments and likes when you click the comment or like icons below a post or when you swipe left on a comment in the feed. Now the information comes straight to you without requiring you to change several views. Within the comment right-side panel, simply pull down to load previous comment on any post.

Message box and comment panel

Your images shine on Convo
We’re excited to introduce a brand new photo experience on Convo’s iOS app. Now when you upload photos, screenshots, or design mocks, Convo’s new photo reel will display images in gorgeous high resolution that is optimized for your retina display. The images are so clean and crisp that in most cases you can read the text off the images on the feed without needing to wait while loading the full resolution image.

The new image experience is optimized for screenshots, a major currency of work. Not only do screenshots look great in the new large size, we don’t crop your image so you can consume everything right on the feed and jump straight into a conversation without changing your focus. In addition, you will also see the a much improved image viewer that makes it faster and simpler to flip through images in a post.

Hi res images

Convo for Safari and full length blogs and articles
After messages, the most common posts on Convo are links like the blogs and articles you share from the web. Today all organizations rely on the web to build their collective knowledge base, and with global mobile traffic growing 70% in the last year we wanted to make sure you don’t skip on sharing a valuable or interesting link with your team at the same time that you read it on your device.

Convo for Safari is an easy to install bookmarklet for mobile Safari that let’s you share any link from your mobile browser in one easy step. When you log into Convo for iPhone you will see a walkthrough that will guide you through a one-time set up for the bookmarklet. Don’t worry if you were in a hurry and tapped the Skip button, you can always jump back to the guide by selecting Convo for Safari at the bottom of the left-hand menu.

On the desktop, Convo already allows you to open a full live web page within the app and even allows you to use Convo’s flagship markup and annotation tools to discuss parts of a link with your team. When you share a link on Convo, today the iOS app will also save a preview of the full length article or blog. Now you can read the entire articles within Convo and skip the detour to Safari. Armed with the complete context of the link’s content, its now easier than ever to start a conversation.

Bookmarklet and full length links

Helpful gestures to save those crucial seconds
Convo for iPhone features several helpful gestures that make using the app effortless. Here’s the cheat sheet:

  • Pull to refresh feed – an oldie, but a goodie
  • Swipe right on feed – open the new left-side menu
  • Swipe on image reel – browse high-resolution and uncropped images in the feed
  • Swipe left on comments in feed – open the comment right-side panel when there are more comments to view
  • Pull to load on Comment right-hand panel – load previous comments in the comment right-side panel
  • Swipe up or down on image viewer – Exit image viewer and return to feed
  • Pinch on image viewer – zoom in or out on images
  • Swipe on image viewer – browse full resolution images

Advanced search becomes simple
We improved the menu to give you easier access to common destinations. Swipe right on the app to find your top contacts, groups, and frequent links in the new left-hand menu.

At the top of the new menu, you will also find Convo’s new powerful and advanced search. When you are on the go and need to get your hands on vital information shared on Convo, all you have to do is click the search box in the left-hand menu, or click the search button in the top bar. While we packed in more power, we also simplified search. Easily select a filter from the buttons below the search box and then type in a few characters for what you are looking for, a person, a group, an image or a file. If you don’t see the result you were looking for, click the Refine button to tweak your search.

Left-side menu & advanced search

In this update we also included improved in-app feedback and instrumentation for when you are in a low connectivity area or have lost your connection. We fixed some bugs and we also added some more polish, fit and finish.

We hope you like the changes and would love to hear about your new mobile experience. Come talk to us on Twitter and Facebook and tell us what you think.

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