August 19, 2014

Bring your Dropbox, Box and Drive files to life on Convo

Do you use file-sharing services at work? Does your day look something like this?

  • Someone sends you a file over a popular file-sharing service like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive.
  • You download it, or wait for a sync to complete.
  • You get your team together for a meeting to review the content, discuss changes that are needed and collect feedback.
  • You incorporate everyone’s feedback and then send the latest version on to your VP or Partner for their approval… and they decide they want you to take it in a new direction
  • All feedback, edits and revisions are finally incorporated into the downloaded file and a new version has been saved… and then you receive input from your colleagues overseas who have just come online – and the process starts again.


That’s a bunch of emails exchanged, versions created, and files managed on your hard drive.

Guess what?? Your day just got better!

Now you can share files from Dropbox, Box and Drive directly with your team – on Convo. Convo generates instant rich previews of popular (and-not-so-popular) work file formats like PDFs, Word Docs, Excel, even Photoshop PSDs and more than 32 others!

You can preview these files without downloading them and then use Convo’s annotation tools to draw a box around content or highlight text and then leave a comment for your teammates, providing them with clear, actionable feedback. Your team can see and respond to your markup quickly, and know exactly what you mean and what you’re referring to. That means they are able to respond faster and with the clarity of context. Whenever a team member adds a comment, you get notified in real time on your desktop or mobile device. Oh yeah, did we forget to mention…? You can annotate files on your iPhone too! At Convo, we are constantly working to help you get your work done not only faster, but better.

Faster views on your iPhone

In addition to our file-sharing enhancements, we’ve also packed a bunch of improvements into our iPhone app. When someone posts a new message or comment, your feed will automatically update to show the latest input, regardless of what view you are on – your main news feed, a group view, or a user view. And if your connection is a little slow, you can always pull to refresh.

You will also notice a new, cleaner message and comment box.

Get your team on the same page, and earn free storage

Convo customers on the Basic plan already get 1GB of free storage and Premium customers get 50GB.  But starting today, you can participate in Convo’s referral program to earn additional free storage. For every referred teammate that joins Convo, you will earn an additional 500 MB of free space for your network to use. Both Basic and Pro networks can earn up to a total of 16 GB of free storage.

To get started, open the menu on your iPhone app and select “Refer Teammates” to invite people who haven’t joined yet.

Today’s announced enhancements make collaborating on shared files a whole lot easier. And in addition to these updates, today’s release also includes some other improvements and fixes.

We love hearing from you, so try out the new features and tell us what you think. Or stop by to say “Hi” on Twitter or Facebook.

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