August 8, 2012

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Ping a group
A couple of months ago we introduced group chat for Convo networks, making Convo the first enterprise social network at the time, to provide a quick and simple way to catch up with your coworkers. Today we are making it even better with a great timesaver. You can now start a chat with an existing group on your network. Filter on a group you want to start a chat with by clicking it in the Group list or by typing in the group name in the search box. On the group view, click “Chat with this group” to invite all group members to the same chat room. Remember you can also open the menu in your chat window and select “Share this chat” to share the contents with a group or person.

Whenever possible, share
We tweaked the defaults for a new group to make it easier than ever to get your network started. The next time you create a new group, notice that the access settings will already be set to “Public”.  A group with “Public” access settings is automatically shared with all current and future network members (that’s anyone with a email address) and saves you the hassle of inviting all network members or manually updating groups settings to change access levels.
If you want to share a group with only a few network members, just select “Private”. You can still invite people outside your company to Public and Private groups as guests.

Decluttering your feed
Convo is designed for maximum visibility so your team gets to the latest information fast. Until today this visibility included system generated messages for network activity – whenever someone invited someone else, created a group, suspended a former user and so on. Although system messages are designed for visibility and accountability, they also generate a lot of noise. From today, these system messages will no longer clutter your main News Feed. When you need to review network activity, open the filters list next to the search box and select “System messages”.

We love feedback, so try out these features now and tell us what you think. Come talk to us on Twitter and Facebook.

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