September 18, 2014

Convo Business Chat: Greater Continuity, Shareability and Context in Real-Time Conversations

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of the new Convo Chat for mobile and desktop. We are thrilled to be rolling it out simultaneously on all major platforms including iOS, Android, web and desktop.

Today’s release enables customers to move between mobile and desktop – at work or on the go – without missing a beat, or losing vital information. The updated Convo Chat looks beautiful and is consistent across your desktop, tablet and phone.


One of the big problems with work communications comes from fragmentation. People switch between e-mail, text messages, chat and communicating via social networks frequently, and that can result in vital information getting lost in the shuffle. Text messaging provides immediacy and informality but is not always possible because coworkers do not always share their personal phone numbers with each other. With Convo’s new Chat solution, you will never miss an urgent message again. Convo’s Chat is archivable, searchable and sharable, so you can easily search for important information in past messages. Convo’s Chat allow you to:

  • See who is online and available to chat.
  • Reach out to your teammates to share important updates in the moment.
  • Follow up on a task (i.e. “What’s the status of the report?”)
  • Exchange feedback on a project without waiting for a call or e-mail
  • Make lunch or happy hour plans, or
  • Let them know you’re running late to the meeting.

 Specifically, Convo Chat addresses the following pressing business needs:

Maintain continuity in your conversations, even as you move from desktop to mobile chat

With Convo Chat on mobile, start your morning catch up while you’re on the train, or walking to work and continue the conversation on your desktop at work. Real time notifications for incoming chat messages ensure that you don’t miss a thing while you get from Point A to Point B.


Protect your chats with best-in-class security

You have the right to remain chatty. Anything you say can and will be protected by Convo’s industry-leading security. Convo provides complete end-to-end protection for all your data. Your chats are sent in encrypted form, and stored that way on our servers.

Archive and broadly share important information communicated via chat 

With Convo Chat, you can now share your conversation as a new post with a larger group of teammates to expand on ideas or action items that originated in a one-on-one chat. You can share the whole chat, or embed a specific section of that chat into a post and share it with relevant stakeholders. This feature is available on Convo for desktop and web today, and will be made available for mobile in the very near future.

Keep your personal communications – and your mobile number – separate from business

Convo Chat allows you to keep your personal and business conversations separate. You no longer need to share your personal phone number with your coworkers or clients. Convo’s chat allows you to conduct quick, real-time conversations with all your Convo contacts on desktop or mobile without needing any additional contact information. Convo Chat is now featured on its own tab at the bottom of the Convo iOS and Android interface for easy access along with a list of all your recent chats so you can keep track of conversations and pick up right where you left off.

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