November 28, 2012

Convo Compact now 20% Smaller

A little while ago we introduced a new way to experience Convo Desktop with compact view. And today, we made it better.

Many of our customers use Convo to follow their team’s life stream. Teams on Convo are buzzing with activity and show some incredible engagement in the form of daily new posts, comments and chats, all within Convo. However, today businesses also need to be tapped into multiple real-time data streams other than just their company’s. This is where the new and improved compact view of Convo comes in.

Convo in compact view is now a whopping 20% smaller and can be tucked away at one edge of your screen while you keep your eye on your mail, Twitter, Facebook or Google Analytics. We hope you find the new updates useful.

We would love to hear what you think so come talk to us on Twitter and Facebook.

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