March 6, 2014

Convo For Android: Better, Faster, Stronger, Smarter

We’re excited to announce our completely redesigned Android app, which includes a number of improvements on speed, beautification of your images, as well as an easier way to tackle advanced search.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 11.01.59 AM

Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

  • 40% faster commenting and messaging.
  • 100% faster feed scrolling.
  • Enhanced gesture support including pull to refresh on feed, swiping to see more comments, swiping to view menu. Browse images on reel in feed or in the image viewer using familiar gestures.
  • Gorgeous high-resolution thumbnails in feed and improved image gallery.
  • Advanced, faster search with refinement options for advanced users.
  • New left menu makes common destinations easy to access.
  • A new message is always within reach with the new fixed toolbar and brand new message and comment boxes.
  • New “Comment” and “Like” right-side panels bring data to you without changing your view, load all previous comments within these new views.
  • Perform basic operations like “Comment” and “Like” from within the feed.

While a lot of your teams  use a mix of mobile platforms, we’ve definitely seen an uptick in Android usage and requests recently and have dedicated more resources to building out a fantastic experience. There’s some interesting things we can do on the Android platform, and you’ll see more of it in the coming months.

Have a play and let us know what you think.

– Faizan and the Convo Team

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