October 11, 2012

Convo for iPhone now 3x faster

A new release of Convo for iPhone is now live! This release is all about improving performance and usability so if you haven’t done so already, rush to the App Store and update to the latest version. Here’s what to look for —


  • Sign in performance increased by up to 3x.
  • Scrolling performance increased by up to 2x.
  • Feed now loads older posts faster and seamlessly.

Sharing made simple

  • Posting messages easier than ever. We killed the To box so you don’t have to jump through text fields to share a post. Just type a message and share publicly with your followers, or @mention a user or group to share privately.
  • The comment box has @mentions too.


  • Improvements in notification behavior.
  • Improvements in clicks and navigation behavior.
  • Fixes for a couple of crashes and some bugs.

Just so you know, we aren’t nearly done yet and are still actively working on many more improvements. Keep the feedback coming guys, it helps us make better apps :)

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