September 1, 2015

Convo integrates with Giphy, makes work chats awesome


When words don’t quite cut it, say it with a GIF — GIFs are a great way to express yourself, and have been known, on occasion, to make the recipient LOL.

Convo now integrates with Giphy to give you access to a seemingly unending database of animated GIFs. Giphy, is there anything you can’t find?

We have baked Giphy right into Convo chat so it’s really easy to find just the right GIF for any situation. Convo’s integration of Giphy helps you choose the the perfect fit by letting you preview your GIFs before you hit send. You can also attach GIFs in posts in the same way.

Do these amazing animated GIFs really fit in my work chats, you ask? Here are a few examples of the right GIF at the right time:


Show your team just how excited you are about their latest achievement.



Congratulate someone on closing a big deal.



Hit hard by the afternoon slump? Ask your work BFF to join you for an emergency coffee, like right now!



Are you a shortcuts fan? There is a great keyboard shortcut when you don’t want to cross the chasm between your keyboard and mouse. Just type @giphy followed by a word or phrase such as @giphy great work to quickly search for matching GIFs.



We’ve been testing this internally for a few days, and it’s been bananas (in a really good way). Tell us how you like it.


Saj Khan
Product Management

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