December 12, 2013

Convo Upgrades Security to Provide End-to-End Data Encryption

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Convo, a cloud-based collaboration service, today announced a major upgrade to its security model and became first in its category to offer at-rest encryption for their customer files and messages.

“Storing data of every type in the cloud is a fact of life for today’s enterprises,” said Faizan Buzdar, founder and CEO of Convo. But simply encrypting data in transit is no longer the gold standard. Customers demand data that is ‘at rest’ on a server to be encrypted too. They want so-called ‘bank grade’ security. A quick look at today’s headlines will tell you it is what the current environment calls for.”

With at-rest data encryption, intruders would only see undecipherable messages that are garbled and unreadable in the unlikely case that a server or hard drive is compromised.

“Our customers are security-minded enterprises both large and small, many of which operate globally,” Buzdar added. “They design, create, and collaborate on projects that are highly confidential using our service. As a result, we are always anticipating possible security threats and responding with relevant product features to safeguard our customers’ data.”

Key highlights of Convo’s new security model include:

  • Encryption at transfer with 256-bit SSL
  • Encryption at rest with high-grade 256-bit AES
  • Encryption keys are securely stored in separate locations and frequently rotated
  • Uninterruptible power and backup systems, plus fire and flood prevention at storage sites
  • Convo employs multiple data centers to host customer data; all data centers employ physical security, strict access policies and secure vaults and cages.

Convo is designed and tuned to keep teams productive. Convo makes it simple to embed active discussions into shared links, text, or files of any kind including images, presentations, or even a video. This avoids cumbersome version control, launching multiple applications, and any confusion in pinpointing exact feedback. Everything is archived, searchable, and where it should be with Convo. Convo is available for Mac, Windows, Web, iPhone, and Android.

About Convo

Convo provides secure messaging, file collaboration, and more coordination for the modern workplace. Whether it’s running a campaign, launching a new product, or breaking the latest news story first, Convo is simply the secret weapon for getting more done. Convo already helps power 6,000 businesses including TechCrunch, CBS, Jones Lang LaSalle, The Next Web, and many others. Convo is proudly backed by Morgenthaler Ventures, the same early-stage VCs that funded Apple, Siri, Lending Club, and Evernote.

Convo's Security Model

Convo’s Security Model

See the official Press Release here.

– Faizan and the Convo Team

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