February 13, 2012

Convofy is Built for Engagement, and Facebook Gets it

Facebook gets an exceptionally tough time for pushing out new updates to the service. Some people go so far as to take their protests to the streets of Paris itself. Even so, their most recent change to the Photo Viewer which places comments on the right of the photo is just great. The reports and rumors leading up to, and the actual update that some of us started seeing last week got us pretty excited.

Photo courtesy - The Next Web

A network is nothing without people who share, communicate, and collaborate within it. A key factor for the success of a social network, personal or enterprise, is it’s ability to enable conversations on the content people share within it. The recent claims of 60% daily engagement on Google+ has already been well discussed and with this latest change Facebook too, is targeting even higher engagement.

While designing Convofy’s collaboration experience and interface, we also deliberated over the benefits of sticking with the norm, the familiar, that is comments below content versus comments right next to the content. In the end we looked for innovations that challenged the norm in order to drive better engagement for a couple of very good reasons.

Comments and chat make up the biggest part of activity on Convofy.

Engagement is a huge motivation as we design each Convofy feature. Our own early usability tests found that the likelihood of a lone comment sprouting into a full-blown conversation was higher when it was within the moment of engagement – when users were viewing images, files, and links and when they were able to see exactly what they wanted to talk about. Convofy’s real-time engine not only powers the main News Feed but also comments inside each posts so you are pulled into live discussions without having to wait for those pesky page refreshes.

We have been blown away by the phenomenal engagement within Convofy networks. 65.3% of all activity across Convofy networks is made up of comments and chat and 34.4% is shared content.

The other reason is more obvious but equally important. Convofy’s context rich comments work better when they are content-adjacent. This way comments can easily point back to the shared content. This design also scales fairly seamlessly across the many content types Convofy supports.

Context-rich comments across images, links and docs.

Do you find it easier to read comments on Facebook photos now? Do you post comments more frequently? We would love to hear how Convofy improved conversations within your organization.

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