February 7, 2012

Enterprise 2.0 success framework on ZDNet

In an article today on ZDnet, Dion Hinchcliffe once again has done a really nice job of framing the issues and opportunities around social business adoption. The article is the beginning of what he promises will be a series of  case studies that demonstrate the value and results of social business adoption.

One of the things Dion points out in the post are the many ways social business adoption can get bogged down. For example, getting bogged down in a debate on whether SharePoint is a viable social business environment can take months, even years.

(Our opinion, by the way, which we’ll write up soon, is that SharePoint is an excellent repository, or system of record, and that a tool like Convofy can complement SharePoint by dramatically improving engagement while still enabling content to be stored in the less-engaging enterprise document repository.)

Dion also adds a typically interesting high-level diagram that describes the areas of value that social business provides to enterprises:

Convofy users have enjoyed the advantages in all four areas. One of our differentiators is in the upper right quadrant, where we go beyond other social business tools to offer real collaboration, where colleagues can work together in the social environment, without having to go elsewhere to actually engage over content.

Our other differentiation, which is sufficiently unique that it isn’t directly referenced in the diagram, is in immediacy. Unlike Yammer, Chatter or email, Convofy has a built-in real-time communication capability that enables IM, group chat, presence and real-time edits and updates. This engagement model contributes to the entire experience, but in the graphic above, it probably relates in the lower left quadrant, where it enables improved communication and connection among colleagues.

Realizing social business: Enterprise 2.0 success stories | ZDNet.

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