October 16, 2012

Focus & Flow: Hashtags and Group Mentions

A little while ago we released the much requested feature allowing you to @ mention a coworker and tag them in a conversation. This time we have upgraded the @ mention feature and now not only can you @ mention your coworkers you can also @ mention groups within your networks. By @ mentioning any group in a conversation you automatically add that group to the recipient list and share your post with all group members. Pulling an entire list of people into conversations was never easier.

We also have a few other neat features in the bag for you this time. Tagging posts is always a two step process, involving shifting focus to another field altogether, slowing down the natural pace of writing a message or comment. Convo makes tagging easier today by introducing support for hashtags. Just add a # (pound) followed by a keyword in a message or comment to tag a post and make searching and referencing easier for your entire team. These hashtags are clickable links and show you search results of a particular tag in your network.

Our desktop compact view is a great state to work in, especially if you are a multitasker. Today’s update includes an interaction improvement that lets you click desktop notifications without opening the post in its full tab. You don’t lose your app size preference, whether compact or full. If your preference is set to compact, clicking desktop notification will show you the single post you are looking for within the compact view. You can add a comment, like the post or optionally open the post’s tab.

In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago Convo added another small but essential feature – letting users delete their comments by a click of a button. Not to worry IT, network admins are still able to see deleted comments if the need arises so your company can comply with company or federal regulations as applicable.

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