July 11, 2012

Get things done – now easier, faster

One of the great things about Convo is chat and presence. You can see who is online and you can ping them when you have a quick question or want to say hello. Convo even lets you participate in group chats with multiple participants.

But what about the times that you are busy and don’t want to be disturbed? Now you can let people know when you’re tied up by simply changing your status to “Busy”. To change your status click the arrow next to Available and select Busy. Your team on will see this status and know to only ping you if it is really important.

In this release, we also made it a lot easier for you to interact with your content. Open the menu on the right of any post on the News Feed and click “Edit” to jump directly into the post editor.

Better iPhone and Android apps

Today we also released updates for the Convo apps for iPhone and Android.

The new updates bring you much faster photo sharing on your mobile with some major improvements that reduce the upload time when you share a photo from your camera or reel.

You will also find an upgraded sharing experience on your mobile apps. Now you can just type out the first few characters of a group name or a coworker’s name to select the right recipient from an auto-complete list.

We would love to hear what you think about these new changes. Come talk to us on Twitter and Facebook.

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