June 5, 2012

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Convo Desktop in brand new compact
We know you are really busy, have tons of stuff on your plate and you have to be a multitasking ninja. Everything moves so fast these days that you have to keep an eye on several real-time streams – tapping into what your customers are saying on Twitter and Facebook, checking in on your traffic on Google Analytics, and on Convo for staying on top of all the great stuff your team is doing.

Today’s update aims to make your life a little easier with a brand new compact Convo Desktop, available now. This is great for the many times that you just need to see the Convo real-time News Feed streaming alongside a browser, a twitter client or whatever you use to run your business. To try it out just resize your app horizontally or select “Compact view” from the settings menu. When you want to see a post in detail, just open it and Convo Desktop snaps back to the full view for a full, rich and comfortable experience. The new compact view doesn’t skimp on any features – click the menu at the top left to see your basic filters , group and contact lists. You can even access detailed search options by clicking “Advanced search” above your search results.

Network wide groups
Another great update in today’s release is the introduction of network-wide groups. Most customers that we speak with have several “open” groups that they share with all coworkers, indiscriminately. This includes groups like “Office Parties and Events”, “Customer Queries”, “Press Mentions” and various others that serve the great purpose of disseminating knowledge and information throughout your organization. You can now head over to group settings and turn on the “Automatically share with all network members” option. This will automatically share your group with all current and future members of your network with an @yourcompany.com email address. This helps reduce the overhead of inviting new members to your open group, as they join your network. Of course you will still be able to invite guests to these groups.

As usual we fixed a bunch of bugs, a few to note:
@mentions in foreign language: We got a couple of reports from our customers who use non-English keyboard layouts that they couldn’t get the user list to show up when they typed @ followed by a few characters of their coworker’s name. We have issued a fix and @mentions should work smoothly for most languages. If any of you come across any other snags, just give us a shout and we will get right on it!
Sharing Twitter links: Twitter recently made some changes to their API that broke the previews Convo fetches when you share the link of a tweet with your network. We have updated our service to match the latest changes on Twitter and shipped this fix out to you today as well.

We would love to hear what you think about these new changes. Come talk to us on Twitter and Facebook.

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