August 18, 2011

Google+ Makes Feedback Sexy

I stayed up all night refreshing hoping that I would get access on the first day, of course I had to wait a whole 24 hours before I got in. There is a lot to say and a lot to like about Google+ but one of the first things I noticed was the feedback feature.

The Google team has created a fantastic way for users to submit feedback that is rich in detail but does not require the user to get his or her hands dirty with back-and-forth emails of long descriptive passages about what’s going wrong. You can highlight any part of the UI – any element down to the +1 button and include it in your message. When you hit “Submit” you share feedback that is loaded with context and I am sure this makes the Google+ support team’s job much easier.

This feedback feature combines two of the greatest passions we pursue: sharing and discussing ideas around how things can work better; and of course Convofy itself. We weren’t the only ones to notice the similarity between Google+ Feedback and Convofy:

And the fact that it’s on Google+ is particularly interesting. Its such an easy to use and useful tool that I wish I could use it to share content with others. Browse to site, “neat!”, click share/crop tool, click “post to Google+”, done. Reminds me of Scoble’s interview of Convofy (forgive Scoble’s lousy recording, but that few minutes of the video is pretty slick stuff.)

The ability to add context to your conversations is our favorite feature on Convofy too. It makes getting your point across so much easier. We used the product internally for at least a year before launch and have grown so used to marking up images, files, text and even full live web pages that we often find ourselves wishing we could collaborate in context everywhere. I am sharing below, an outtake that didn’t make it to the final cut of our demo video. The future of collaboration will definitely be about more context and relevance and we think (and hope) that we start to see features like this on more consumer services. The video should give you an idea of just how convinced we are.

We’d love to hear what you guys think about Convofy’s in-context collaboration.


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