Convo is a great tool for teams to collaborate in real time, have context aware discussions and share network-wide updates all in the same place. But with the increasing number of users on a network, the need for proper management increases too. This is where the admin panel on Convo comes in.
Every organization needs administration support to make sure everything is running smoothly. The network admins on Convo have the same role. They can manage user activity as well as the content shared on their networks by simply going to the network settings.

Advanced Admin Settings, Simple Interface

The admin panel on Convo is carefully designed to offer advanced functionality and maintain an easy look and feel at the same time. To manage network settings, network admins can click the drop down menu next to their network name and go to the ‘Network settings’ section.
In Network settings, under the Administration tab, the network admins can manage settings for Users, Content, Security, Groups, Network information and Setup SSO (single sign on).

1. Manage Network Information

Network admins can change or update the network name and logo, as well as add or remove other Network Admins on the network from the Network information settings.

2. Manage Users

There are multiple options to manage users on the Convo network. On top of the General tab, there is an option for ‘Auto-follow teammates when they join network’. Enabling this option adds all existing users to the following list of any new user. If this is disabled, any new users who join the network will not automatically follow or be followed by existing users.
These lists are helpful when users want to share information only with their followers. They can do so by mentioning @my followers in comments and posts. Admins can also put a cap on the number of users that can join their network from the General tab. The network cap helps keep network size in check and make user management easier.
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If an existing admin changes roles or leaves the company or no longer can continue to be the admin of the company, the ownership of the Convo network can be transferred to another member. Admins can transfer ownership by going into Set user privileges tab and entering the person’s name they want to transfer ownership to.
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Admins can also block users who have been terminated or are no longer needed on the network by domain or email address. Any user who is blocked from the network will not have access to any network activity and will stop receiving email updates as well.
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A recently launched feature of Convo allows network admins to Set default notifications for all users on the network. From this section, admins can customize user notifications to make sure nobody misses an important update on the network.
In the custom user profiles section, admins can add as many fields as they want which will show up as additional information on the user profile view. Admins can also lock certain fields, which means that the users will not be able to edit information of the locked fields. Locking fields is helpful to display company specific user information such as department name or employee ID etc.
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3. Manage Content

Network admins have the ability to pin content to top of the newsfeed for all users. For example, if there’s an employee guidebook or HR policy document which is frequently visited by users, the admin can pin it to feed for quick access by going to Content preferences tab.
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Admins on Convo also have access to everything that is shared on the network, whether it is in a public or private group or sent in a one-to-one chat. This allows the admins to monitor the content being shared and ensures usage safety for all members. To monitor private activity, admins have to enter admin mode. This can be done by going into Manage content settings from administration section and clicking ‘enter admin mode’ button from Monitor content tab.

4. Security Settings

Convo offers bank grade security to its users and encrypts data at-rest and in transit. Admins on Convo network have multiple security controls such as defining password policies, usage policy, enabling/disabling two factor authentication and implementing IP range restrictions.
All of these settings are provided to admins in a simple dashboard and made easily implementable. Admins can update these settings at any time without external interference.

5. Single Sign On

For large organizations, it is important to protect employee data and getting thousands of users to sing up on a new platform is hard to manage. For such times, Convo supports Single Sign On which allows companies to use the data from their own identity provider to sign up on the Convo network.
Network admins can enable SSO at any time by following the simple steps mentioned in the SSO settings.
More About Recently Added Features
With the recent release, Convo has given more control to the network admins by allowing them additional flexibility. This includes features like restricted group creation, default notification settings and network-wide SMS notifications. To read about these features in detail, click here.
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