July 27, 2011

Keep it Running

We pushed out another update with optimization changes and some tweaks.

Here is what is new:

  • Smooth sign out: In this release Convofy sign out and session timeouts no longer require application restarts, so you can keep Convofy running all the time!
  • Connectivity optimizations: When you lose internet connectivity, move out of a WiFi zone, or your machine goes into standby, Convofy now seamlessly reconnects. This release includes faster detection for connectivity loss and restoration and for session expires.
  • Resizing Convofy: By default, the Convofy window opens at the optimum size that makes content in any tab entirely visible. If you mostly consume the Convofy New Feed in the Home tab, a smaller size may work better for you. When you resize the Convofy window it will now remember your preferences for the next time you start the application. You can always reset the default by right-clicking the system tray or dock icon and choosing “Fit to Default Size”.
  • Like on mobile: In our last update we enabled the “Like” feature on posts, files and comments. This release includes the same “Like” feature on the Convofy mobile web app too. Check it out on your mobile at https://www.convo.com/m

We also threw in a hand full of bug fixes including:

  • Fixed pasting issue on Mac: We were able to reproduce and fix a rare issue reported by a couple of users where paste stopped working in the Add and Comment box. If any of you see this problem please email us with your log file at support[at]convo[dot]com
  • Fixed focus issue on desktop drop box: When you drag and drop files or a link on the QuickAdd drop box, you had to click the Add window before you could start typing.
  • Like dialog close: Bigger bolder close button on the “People who like this” dialog. Previously it was a little hard to find. 5 points for anyone who was able to find it in the last version ;).

Convofy updates are pushed to you automatically and you will be prompted to update to the latest version when you use the application. If you have any trouble running the automatic update, you can always get the latest version from https://www.convo.com/downloads/.
More help: Updating to the latest version of Convofy : Convofy Support

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