June 20, 2012

Living Docs on Convo

We are pleased to introduce a couple of great new features for Convo today.

We often found ourselves posting an idea that would grow over the following few days and need a supporting screenshot or a related doc or a spec write up. Today’s improvement helps you create living docs that grow with your ideas.
Before today, file attachments were only available in full rich text notes and  this update expands file attachment support across all messages. You can now update any post you share at any time to include relevant images, related files and more rich formatted text.

We also added counters to your group list. You now know when someone has shared a new post or comment on the groups you are a member of. In case you forgot, the group list is ordered by relevance so the top three groups you interact with the most always show at the top of the list and now you know the minute something new happens in the groups you care the most about.

We would love to hear what you think of our new updates, and about how we can help you work smarter with your team. Come talk to us on Twitter and Facebook.

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