March 8, 2015

Meet the ‘Convo’ Women

Recently the New York Times published an article explaining the features of smart teams and they concluded that teams with members who communicate a lot, participate more equally and are good at reading emotions tend to do better than others.
Interestingly, the research also found that better performing teams also have a higher number of women participants in them and that women’s capability to ‘read minds’ contributes to the team’s better performance and decision making.
The women at Convo have played a significant role in getting us to where we are today and they continue to steer us towards a better future relentlessly.
This Women’s Day, we bring to you some of Convo’s Super Women.

Sabika Nazimour fearless co-founder!

I don’t think of myself any differently because I am a woman. I love what I do and work hard because that’s the only way I know how to do my job.

How did you get here?

Honestly, I kind of stumbled in to Tech, as I was unsure about my path when I got out of college. I applied for a job (with a friend) in a tech company, and then moved from user education to technical training to product management. Eventually ended up cofounding Convo with my friend (now husband) and growing it to where it is today. I usually have twitching eyelids and sugar highs due to lack of sleep but still love every minute of it.

Message on women’s day: We need to get to a place where it becomes less and less about gender and more and more about ability, and to do that, we might need to work twice as hard in the short term.

Marisa Levine – chief cat herder!

I’m the Customer Success and Operations Manager at Convo. An East Coast girl that escaped to the West, I love running (so I can consume all the delicious things in San Francisco), travel, live music, and not having to shovel snow and wearing flip flops any time I want!

How did you get here?

I began my career in non-profits and am interested in the intersection of for-profit and non-profit so I jumped to the other side to learn more. I also (jokingly) call myself the chief cat herder as I make sure our office runs smoothly (everything from our CEO to HR to a little finance to the kitchen to purchasing) and I’m also the front line for customer success.

Message on women’s day: Regardless of your work or educational background, you can bring a valuable perspective to any company or situation. Find ways to engage, educate yourself and others, and contribute!

Lauren Bedal – the creative guru!

I am a designer, filmmaker, dancer, and recent transplant to the San Francisco Area.

How did you get here?

Originally from the Chicagoland, I ventured out to the West Coast following graduation for a job in the film industry. Still continuing to produce and create films, my full-time career direction is focused on design. At Convo, I am responsible for design as it pertains to both marketing and product.

Message on women’s day: I have learned this field is constantly morphing and adapting as businesses change. Therefore, I believe it is important to stay receptive and open to this change, and use it as a time to question/challenge conventions to push new ideas forward.

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