May 12, 2011

New and Improved Email Notifications

We have just released some improvements to the way Convofy notifications appear in your inbox. These changes are specifically focused to deliver the most valuable view on your mobile device.

Email on devices is such a big part of staying in touch when you are on the move and probably the most important and relevant use case for notifications from any service that you use; so we used it as the primary canvas for this redesign. Starting now, all notifications show you who the update is from and the email subject always shows the title of the post, so:

  • You get the right context fast.
  • All notifications of that post including updates, comments & chats become a single email thread (this may not be perfect for all email clients yet, but we will continue to tweak).
  • We are all about reducing email overload and threading is one of the best ways to reduce inbox noise and clutter.

The first line of the email body is not just the subject repeated anymore, it shows, at a quick glance what group the notification is from. If the notification is for a link, we show you the source. Knowing the group a post is shared on is very useful because it lets you decide whether you need to take an immediate action or not. For our team, the product management cycles move through our internal “Product Definition” group where new ideas are hatched, to the “Shared Def”. All the while the cool stuff and random ideas we have, are posted to the “Inspiration” group. Any notifications from the Shared Def group means it requires immediate attention versus something shared on the Inspiration group that can be processed later.

When we see links from techcrunch, readwriteweb or mashable etc., we know this is news and analysis that is more relevant to us, as compared to links from theoatmeal, lolcats etc.

We also removed a bunch of additional information so you get a clear view of relevant content with simpler formatting so email is lighter and smoother on most clients. We think these changes will make email notifications more clear, more useful, and easier to manage. We would love to hear what you think.

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