April 9, 2014

Publishers that get there first

Convo is the tool of choice for some top tech publishers who need a centralized workplace for their dispersed teams. It’s become their communication backbone for getting to the breaking story, first.

“We’re in an industry where finding important information online before others is key, and every second can be critical when big news breaks. We find Convo to be really useful. It’s the heart of our day to day to communications.” – Martin Bryant, Editor-in-Chief at The Next Web

Convo becomes the office when teams are all over the world. Without needing to jump back and forth through tools, publishers who use Convo can build stories in the minimum amount of time because information is all in one place. Advanced search helps find conversations and files that might have been lost in the shuffle.

Convo becomes my memory. I don’t have to recall. If we need to pull it up, we can to pull it up. It’s important because we won’t get the story if I can’t find what we need.” – Matthew Panzarino, Co-editor at TechCrunch

Convo is more than a tool for TechCrunch — it’s become a part of their workflow. Internal communications got tighter, decisions are made faster, and breaking stories are published at a more rapid pace with a much higher bar of quality.

Check out Convo for yourself.

-Tan and Team Convo


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