September 21, 2011

Pushing the Evolution of Social Collaboration

Hey all – My name is Tad Staley and I’ve recently joined the team at Scrybe as VP of Business Development, with the exciting assignment to, among other things, articulate Convofy’s unique capabilities and position in the emergent social collaboration landscape. No problem there – how hard could it be to crisply describe and navigate the wide swath of tools that ranges from monoliths like IBM Connections to utilities like Chatter??

The challenge of course is that it’s not a static market; social and collaboration tools are evolving virtually daily. The further challenge is that, just like with Twitter when it first came out, social platforms and capabilities feel useful and important, but it’s still difficult to quantify the value and persuade execs of its importance.

But I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’ve just come off a one year project for a mid-size enterprise, a large traditional publishing house, where the assignment was to research, pilot, cajole, evangelize and make the business case for an enterprise-wide social Intranet. And I’ve been involved with collaboration since way back in the 80s when, working at Lotus, I was one of the early adopters of Lotus Notes internally. More recently, at Adobe, I helped bootstrap, a cloud-based collaboration workspace that includes the unique and award-winning online word-processor Buzzword. And now, Convofy, which is a pretty cool app:

Because of its fabulous collaboration functionality, Convofy reminds me of Buzzword, or Google Docs, but goes farther.

Because of the connectedness of its activity stream, Convofy reminds me of Yammer and Socialcast, but goes much farther.

Because of the immediacy of its instant messaging, Convofy reminds me of Facebook or Google Talk, but goes farther.

The convergence of these three key elements – collaboration, activity streams and instant messaging – all seamlessly enfolded into one app, makes Convofy unlike any other tool in the market.

Convofy is as easy to adopt, use and share with others as Yammer and Chatter. And like those tools, Convofy supports free usage, including file and link sharing, for everyone who has the same email domain, and allows participants from outside that domain to be invited to join a group as guests.

But unlike the Yammer, Chatter and Socialcast, the collaboration story doesn’t end there. Convofy offers real process improvement, allowing you and your group to do the actual work of content collaboration by annotating and marking up documents or images to produce a superior finished product.

And while tools like Jive and Google Docs provide some collaboration capability – specifically, file sharing with annotation – those comments are not integrated into users’ activity stream. In Convofy, notice of and links to your collaborators’ updates appear in your activity stream – desktop or mobile – so you can more actively engage. And if you’re online at the same time as them, the collaborative work can proceed even faster through real-time messaging.

I’m really excited to join the Scrybe team, a talented group that has designed and developed something special. Within the next several weeks, we’ll have more announcements and updates that will further establish Convofy’s uniqueness. In the meantime, try taking it for a ride at, and drop us a note on your experience at

Looking forward to collaborating with you in this exciting market evolution!

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