March 28, 2014

Reclaim Your Productivity With Faster And Smarter Creative Reviews

Have you tried to conduct a design critique with a screen-share or conference call? It’s not bad as a quick fix. But it’s painful, and far from being an ideal solution, especially when you need detailed creative feedback from multiple teammates.

We’ve all experienced this feeling…..

How about an in-person meeting? Sounds nice; however, finding calendar availability every time a decision needs to be made can be a serious chore and a drag on the business.

It’s important to become less and less dependent on these types of meetings which waste valuable resources and kill momentum.

It might be time to form some different work habits.

With Convo, effective creative feedback is rapid, contextualized, and most importantly, actionable. Raise the bar on your design work and get to market even faster.

Save time by simplifying stakeholder feedback and approval. Break away from messy email chains coming from every direction.

Who has the time to sift through this when all you want is to just get things done?

Learn about other Convo features.

-Faizan and Convo Team

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