July 3, 2012

Share More: Mobile Images & Office Files

Snap a pic on your phone, upload to Convo

Are you using Convo’s smartphone apps? Today we are giving you a great reason to start – you can now share your images on your Convo network, wherever you are, directly through Convo for iPhone and Convo for Android.

Sameer Patel asked a great question on Google+ a while ago: Does the simple phone camera replace some of the productivity tools you use? Perhaps without even realizing it, so many of us use our phone cameras to snap pictures of receipts, design inspirations, and my personal favorite – the mock up sketch. Sharing photos on mobile is a billion dollar idea (and need) and we know how important it is for your business. Let us know what you think, and if it helps you get more done.

Preview anything (almost)

Convo makes your files collaborative – share files with a group or coworker on your company network to view files, tag them, link back to them and of course mark them up and post your comments. Working with files is a key aspects of Convo and today we have rolled out some major compatibility improvements.

Many of you are already familiar with Convo’s rich image viewer for web-view ready image files like JPEGs, PNGs, GIFs and TIFFs. Our image viewer even works on some special formats like Photoshop files or PSDs. Since the very beginning, Convo also came ready with a rich file viewer that let’s you view, markup and collaborate on common office files like PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, simple Excel sheets etc because we know how important they are for your business. This file viewer saves you time and hard disk space by not forcing a file download when you just want to have a look at a file and are not interested in making any changes. You are also saved the frustration not having a local installation of a variety of required software to view a file of a particular document type. To view the files shared on your company network just select the “Files” filter at the top of your feed.

We are constantly working on improving previews and on expanding this enhancement to support files with more complex data such as embedded drawing objects, tables as well as more file types. If a file you upload does not display correctly, we recommend uploading a PDF for rich in-context collaboration. You can always download the original version of any file uploaded within your company network to view it locally.

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