January 29, 2015

Simple Sharing on Convo for iPhone and Android

At Convo, our mission is to help you make faster and more informed business decisions. We believe that this is possible through transparent communication and rich, actionable discussions.

In today’s releases of Convo mobile apps for your iPhone or Android phone, we have rebuilt messaging and commenting from the ground up to make your most frequent actions simpler and faster. We are thrilled to get these great improvements into your hands today.

Simpler Messaging

Composing a new post is now simpler with the new design. You can easily choose who to share your post with from your company directory. Power-users can still use @ mentions in their posts to share directly with groups and teammates.

You will also notice that you can now preview the files you attach to your post before publishing them. You can browse through thumbnails for the files you attach in a reel below your message. You can review, add or remove files before sharing.

We have also made some stability and performance related improvements to file sharing, so your wait time goes down and conversations start quicker.

Simpler Messaging

Contributing with Context

Once you’ve shared a post with your team, it’s time for the real party to begin — that is the conversation.

Convo already works hard to make it easy for you to consume conversations quickly. For all posts, the latest comment appears right on your news feed so you don’t have to change your view to see the most recent activity on a thread. You can swipe left on a comment on your news feed to pull up the entire conversation.

Convo’s new commenting experience now gives you more context and eliminates any guesswork when replying to a thread. Instead of relying on your memory in a full screen comment box, you can now view the full contents of a post or refer to an existing thread when composing your reply.

Contributing with Context

With each update we reserve some elbow grease for making Convo even faster. As always, we have included a bunch of usability and performance improvements in this release too.

Download the latest iOS app at the App Store and Play Store.

We would love to hear what you think of these new changes. Write to us at support@convo.com or say hi on Twitter or Facebook.

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