April 30, 2012

Social Intranets on the Rise

Good news reiterated today in a much cited and tweeted post. The actual report, from Gagen MacDonald, that is the source of this news came out in December, but a post on Social Enterprise Today, and a tweet by Dion Hinchcliffe brought it into full flower.

According to the report, the inexorable rise in enterprise adoption of internal social platforms continues apace. The report employs a variant on the typical name for the category – Internal Social Media – but the meaning is clear.

And the impact is interesting: there is a compelling correlation of organizations that use social platforms, including Convo, and a range of employee engagement success metrics. In the source survey, for companies that were effectively adopting internal social media, there was significant improvement in the following areas:

In this case, does correlation imply causation? Did the adoption of social media platforms improve these and other employee engagement metrics? Or is it the other way around? That is, are companies with more engaged employees more likely to adopt social platforms?

Either way, the trend is clear: social platform adoption correlates here with improved employee engagement. Elsewhere, as with a recent IBM Global CHRO Study, Working Beyond Borders, the correlation goes beyond employee engagement to financial performance. The report included the following insight:

In our sample, financial outperformers are 57 percent more likely than underperformers to use collaborative and social networking tools to enable global teams to work more effectively together.

Convo as Social Intranet
Convo is a social platform that includes key aspects of the social computing landscape, and has become an evolutionary platform for organizational Intranets, because of its integration of a “Facebook-like” (to use the language of the report) communication channel with wiki or blog-like content, as well as file and link sharing and even instant messaging.

Forward-looking companies, where employees and engaged and financial results are demonstrable, aren’t waiting for their expensive, static and monolithic Intranets to become social and relevant. They’re jumping right over to Convo.com, signing up and getting started on the next generation of social collaboration.

With Convo, “Intranet” is no longer a dreaded concept and a reluctant destination.

Social intranets are on the rise | Social Enterprise Today.

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