May 30, 2012

Some Great Updates for @You

We rolled out a few cool things today.

You often need to pull someone into a conversation on Convo and today’s release makes it easier than ever to @ mention or tag someone you work with, within a comment or message. Just type in @ and then enter the first few characters of a person’s name for a list of your contacts. When you tag someone, the post is automatically shared with them too – that makes sharing a post with the right people a cinch. Convo already supports really smart @ replies. Click “Reply” at the end of a comment for an @user link that highlights the comment you are responding to. You can even quote a comment in your reply by selecting some text in a comment and then right-clicking to select “Post reply”.

Convo admins can now search for and monitor keywords on all content shared within your company, even after it is deleted. This feature helps eDiscovery in your network and should the need arise, helps your company comply with federal regulations for the surrender of information.

This version also includes a bunch of bug fixes, UI and usability tweaks.

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