June 11, 2012

Stay Put, Get More Done

Today’s update brings your most frequently used actions front and center, right on your News Feed. You can now click the menu on the right of each post on the News Feed to quickly perform the following tasks:
Tag posts: Tagging is a terrific organization aid within your Convo network. Tags work great to categorize content within groups, and help you jump back to a specialized stream later through search (just search for tag:keyword to pull up really relevant results). Bringing this feature to the surface of the News Feed also makes it easier for you to tag your coworkers’ content on the fly, even when they don’t.
Share with others: As your work reaches different levels of maturity, it often becomes necessary to include new or different people in the conversation. You can now do that quickly by pulling up the user and group list on each post on your News Feed.
Trash posts: Shared something accidentally? Or shared it with the wrong recipients? No Problem! Moving a post to Trash was never easier and is now available in the News Feed menu too.

With Convo’s new chat and group chat that came out a few weeks ago we introduced the independent chat window. The new window has a smaller footprint and replaces the previous cumbersome implementation of chat in tabs. We have heard plenty of positive feedback on this from our customers, but have also heard that switching between Convo Desktop’s two windows on Mac can be a little tricky. So in today’s update we are bringing you a chat notification dock at the bottom of your News Feed that will let you quickly jump to new chat pings and jump back to your ongoing chats.

With these updates we hope to get more of the application out of your way and help you get even more fantastic work done. Come talk to us on Twitter and Facebook.

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