December 21, 2016

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and a jolly good year it has been

All year long, you share ideas, project plans, documents, time critical messages, and even some not so critical GIFs to keep the work and the fun running on Convo. Now, we have a little something to share with you too.

Come along as we take a short trip down 2016, Memory Lane. 

Kicking it off with video 🎥

To make your team interactions easier, we started the year by upgrading chat to include video and audio calling, and screen sharing within Convo.

Only a month later, video joined the family of  supported files on Convo, making it perfect for sharing the videos you work with and talking about them all in one place.


Tap 👉

And 👉

Sending in the search party 🔍

You share a lot of important things on Convo and we figured it’ll be good if you’re able to find them easily whenever you need to. So we brought in deep search for chat which lets you look for keywords, files and ideas you share in chats.

We also brought advanced search for all the other stuff you share. Now, you find buried treasures faster and easier, even if they are at the bottom of your chat or feed.



Getting Siri-ous about messaging 📱

To get you your very own, always available, always fresh business assistant, we integrated Siri with Convo and even got featured by Apple as the top business app on the App Store. Convo was the first business app that integrated with Siri to give you the power to set reminders about client meetings, important deadlines, project updates and send messages hands free.

And because all work and no fun is no good for productivity, we Upsized emoji so you can smile bigger. We also made GIF sharing on iOS and Android a lot more fun.

Making workdays secure and fast 🚀

We introduced Two Factor Authentication to keep your work accounts secure and to help you worry less. An admin can even choose to make it mandatory for all employees to turn on 2FA.

This year also included many performance improvements across the app so you got to view your feed 3.5x faster, view files 3x faster and view images 1.8x faster than before.



Annotations take over 📝

Collaborating on projects isn’t easy, but most of you on Convo had annotations on files and posts to help with that. Then we realized that there were a couple of pieces missing: We introduced annotations on Android and annotations on files that are attached to comments…Did we not mention that before? You also got to attach files to comments this year!🎉, not just posts.

So we brought annotations everywhere and on everything. Android, iOS, web apps, posts, files attached to posts, files attached to comments; you name it.

Video Collaboration on Point 🎬

Text-based feedback is not enough when it comes to video projects and getting to the final cut is a frustrating, seemingly never ending kind of task. We wanted to solve that problem for you. And since we kicked off this year with introducing video sharing to Convo, it was only befitting that we end it with a bang too. All your videos shared on Convo joined the annotations party and looked pretty cool doing it.

Watch the magic 👉

That’s a wrap guys. It’s been a wild ride and we love you for being on this mission with us to make work awesome.

Here’s to a productive new year. Happy Holidays.



Zainab Kainat

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