May 13, 2014

Two Million Conversations And Our Goal To Make Files Less Scary On Mobile

“Leadership is a relationship. Relationship is a conversation. If the conversation stops, the relationship is over. We rely on Convo to keep the conversation going.” -Brian Bacon, Chairman and Founder of Oxford Leadership Academy

It’s exciting times at Convo, as we’ve reached quite a milestone – two million conversations started on our platform. Over the past two years, we’ve brought on over 9,500 amazing companies who want to spend less time on internal email and more time on getting actual work done.

Conversations are started around many different things across our network: sometimes it’s a link, a tweet, and yes…even a file. Having conversations around files hasn’t been the easiest thing to do historically, especially on mobile devices. Since the invention of the iPhone, you haven’t been able to do much more than preview a file and reply to an email with a comment on it, which is a daunting task that nobody wants to take part in.

Big companies like Google and startups like Quip are bringing features like text-file editing to our phones, but there’s still a huge opportunity to make the process simpler and more realistic compared to how you work in an office. Today, our latest version of Convo for iOS takes on that pain that we’ve all felt for years.

Convo for iOS

We’ve noticed a definite increase in mobile usage amongst our customers, 109% over the past three months to be exact. We’d like to see that increase, and we know this update for iOS will help that. You’ll be loading files faster than ever, sharing animated GIFs and annotating any type of file including images, PDFs and Word docs right from your phone.

Conversations started around a file tend to be more in-depth and usually require you to be sitting at a desk. We think we’re on a path to change that.


Never be afraid to open up a PDF on your phone again. With some technical wizardry on our end, we’re able to speed up the preview loading times of files and get you right into the first page of that 300-page legal document…or slide 5 of the Powerpoint document you created for an important meeting.


Not only can you preview the document faster, you can immediately jump in and annotate it with suggestions for changes or any type of feedback you like.

Hosting and sharing a document is only part of the way there for getting things done, and Convo now lets you do the rest…on the go. Simply send a file from Dropbox or Box right to Convo and get the conversation started.


According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, we spend 13 hours a week on email at work and only 6.4 hours a week collaborating with coworkers. We aim to flip those numbers. With that, will come more productivity, great ideas, happiness and yes….less internal email.

Give the new iOS app a try and let us know what you think.

– Faizan and Team Convo

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