July 21, 2013

Upgraded enterprise security for your business

Today’s release helps you worry less with a few important security boosters.

Quickly and easily access Convo with Single Sign-On

Convo now supports SAML 2.0 based SSO on all Web and Desktop clients.

You no longer have to remember any extra usernames or passwords. This eliminates phishing, saves your team productive time and is more convenient. Additionally, this gives your admins centralized access control within your current setup over who can access your Convo network.

Convo connects to your exsiting SAML based Single Sign-On (SSO) server to automatically log in your users based on your authentication mechanisms. After you have set up Convo to work with Single Sign-On, when users navigate to Convo.com to log in, they will be redirected to your SSO server, where they will enter their existing username and password. After a successful login, they will be redirected to their feed on Convo.com.

We have made setting this up really easy. As an admin of your premium or enterprise network, all you have to do is go to the Admin View and select the Single Sign-On tab and add the required information. We have already extensively tested this on all the major industry standards, but would love to hear your feedback about your environment. This will help us with improvements for future versions. If your run into any problems or have any questions, contact our Customer Success team at any time who will be happy to walk you through the setup. Ping us at support@convo.com.

Enhanced server and client security

We also included several major improvements to our servers and clients security.

As always, this update includes bug fixes too.

Happy and worry-free collaborating.

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