July 4, 2011

We “Like” this new update

Today we are pushing out changes that span improvements in collaboration, search, performance, user experience to suggestions made by the Convofy community. Here’s the lowdown:

Like Feature – Many of you have asked for a “Like” feature – a light weight and easy way to engage with your team and the content it generates. We eat our own dog food and understood the need every time we typed *like* in our communication within teams. Like is easy to use – you will notice the new “Like” option for each post before the “Comment” option and for each each comment before the “Reply” option. Liking a post, a file, or a comment is a great, one-click way to express your approval without worrying about how to articulate it. It is also the easiest way to engage with your team and the content it generates.

Performance Improvements – Since Convofy’s inception performance metrics have been a key part of product development. This release includes a bunch of performance optimizations, including faster message and link sharing. Message sharing is now 80% faster and Link sharing is 40% faster! We will continue to focus on performance improvements across the board.

Enhanced Search – Finding relevant information faster and efficiently is key for a knowledge worker. We just expanded our indexing and you can now search for full file names, and even parts of file names as long as the file name is delimited by a space, dot, dash or underscore.

Spell check – Somewhere along the way, it became easier to type than to write, the cloud became arguably safer than local machines, and impeccable spellings became an increasingly illusive skill. Now when you make a spelling mistake while composing a post or comment you will see a red underline. This feature is supported in the post and comment sections. If you want, you can turn this feature off by un-selecting “Enable Spell Checking” in Settings.

Detailed Timestamp – The precise date and time that a post or comment is shared is often an important part of the message. It matters if Sam stayed up all night to meet the deadline and shared the RFP at 4 am, or that its only been a minute since Ryan shared that he was heading out and you could still catch him. Mouseover on a timestamp in the feed to see the full date and time of the post.

Silent Tag Updates – Every organization has some people that are better organizers. If you enjoy making lists, like staying as close to inbox-zero as possible, or have designed a slick file naming and archival structure for your own machine over one weekend – then you are one of them. These are the people who also tag posts they share in Convofy, making it easier for everyone in the organization to find the right content, fast. Until today, Convofy treated tagging like an edit, and when someone added tags we would push that post to the top of the feed but we found that this was actually discouraging. In today’s release, anyone (and by anyone, we totally mean you, more organized people) can tag any post, without causing posts to be pushed up. We have also included better support for multiple word tags, and resolved some indexing issues to improve tag search.

Bugs, UI and UX fixes – As always there are a bunch of other fixes based on your feedback and some usability tests that we have conducted.

We value your feedback and always love hearing back from you. Let use know what you think about these new features and updates.

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