September 18, 2012

You’ll never miss an important message again

It’s finally here folks!

Since launch one of the most useful (and most loved) features on Convo Desktop were the real-time and instant desktop notifications that let you know when something new happens on your company’s life stream. Today we have added a brand new dimension to notifications that calls out the posts that mean the most to you, all within a handy list at the top of your news feed. You will now be notified whenever someone @mentions you, directs a post at you, comments on your post or comments on a post after you. You will also get alerts when someone likes your posts (yeah, we know, it was nearly impossible to get this info before).

These Notifications are designed to inform you of all the important actions happening in Convo that are relevant to you. There is a new counter next to your display picture on the top right of your News Feed, which increases as new notifications roll in. Clicking this counter opens up a window where you can get a quick review of all the notifications pending in your notifications feed, and the great news is that this happens while you stay on the News Feed! Any Notification clicked in the window, will take you to that very post or comment, and once you’ve checked the notifications nag the counter will clear and all notifications will be archived as read.

Here at Convo we’ve all been using this swell new in-app-notifications feature for a while now. It has brought about a radical change in our work flow. Instead of going to our inbox everyday to check our email notifications or scrolling through our entire feed, we now stick to the in-app-notifications. As the counter increases we can quickly jump to a post and take action while not missing even a single notification. Our work efficiency has drastically improved.

Oh yeah, on a side note there’s another nifty little addition to Convo. Now with all invitations you can send a personalized message.

Try it out, you’ll love it.

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