April 23, 2012

Your top requests this week, now available

The update rolled out today includes some of the top feature requests you have sent in over the past week. Here is what to look out for –

The 10,000 foot view – The Agenda view of your milestones is back. See a chronological list of all your late and upcoming milestones by clicking “Milestones” in the left panel.

Fast access to group emails – Did you know that you can share content with groups simply by emailing it in? Convo creates a special group email address for each of your private groups. This address is now available in the right panel of each group’s view. Right-click the email and select “Copy email address”.
You can also send emails to your followers or privately just to you. These are available in the right panel of your profile.

Handy references – You can pin references of frequently accessed posts to a group. When you are on a group view, you can easily jump to the post you need to refer to by clicking it in the right panel. If you had pinned many references, you would previously need to open the Manage Group tab to get to them – now you can just click “More” to see an expanded list of references right on the group view.

We also rolled out a couple of neat updates for Convo for iPhone over the past week.

All your networks on the go – Network switching is now enabled on Convo for iPhone. It’s simple – open the menu and select the network you want to jump to.

Preview and review images – The full image gallery view is now enabled on the iPhone app. You can now review all the images posted to your network and share your feedback with your team, even when you are not at your desk.

We love getting your feedback! Keep it coming at support@convo.com, or Twitter or Facebook.

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