August 25, 2011

You’ve Got [Smarter] Mail

Many of you have asked for more control on email notifications, some more enthusiastically than others. Today we are pushing out some major improvements to Convofy’s email notification system. These changes are designed to let you manage the alerts Convofy sends to your inbox.

Convofy’s desktop notifications are a big plus in comparison to other web services – when you are on the go, email notifications are a must-have. But when you’re logged in to the Convofy desktop app and you are getting both desktop and email notifications it starts to become a problem. Email for the stuff you have already seen is unnecessary noise. The good news is, our team loves a problem like this.

A few months back Faizan and UX expert Aza Raskin got to talking about Convofy. Reducing email noise was one of the areas on which he shared his thoughts and that inspired us to build Smart Notifications for email. Here’s how Smart Notifications work: When you are logged in, and active on your machine, Convofy wont send you any email because you are already looking at the News Feed and desktop notifications. To enable this, head on over to the new “Notifications” tab in “Settings” and select “Only email instant notifications when I am away or offline”. We are a little bit proud of this one and would love to hear if this helps you too.

Until now, Convofy was sending alerts that were relevant to you – that is: any activity on posts from you, directly to you or after your comment. More granular control in this release means that now you can pick the email notifications you want to receive, relevant or not. You can also subscribe to groups and coworkers’ feeds in one single location. Don’t want instant, real-time notifications? You can choose to subscribe to daily or weekly digests too.

This update also includes:

  • UI and UX improvements in the Add box: You will notice some visual tweaks and improvements in the Add box you use to share content. These changes are based on some internal and external usability tests, and we are going to keep these tweaks coming.
  • Custom position for desktop notification: You can now choose where you want notifications to pop-up by setting a preference in the “Notifications” tab in “Settings”.
  • Improved Analytics: Your data is powerful. We use our robust analytics engine to expose insights in several places around the app, that would otherwise be hidden. This update includes improvements in our algorithms to present more accurate insights over your data. More on this later.
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