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Successful business project management is all about communication and collaboration. Often, the different members of a project team work totally independently and report back periodically to team meetings. Then they find out that what they were working on was not quite right, or others had been duplicating their work. So, they go back to work and report back in a few days, only for the cycle of frustration to begin again. This kind of project management problem can only be solved by allowing team members to know what everybody else is doing. Armed with this knowledge, they will know exactly what they need to do, and who they need to talk to in order to move the project forward. Collaboration allows information to flow instead of being caught in silos. Team meetings become venues to share insights and ideas, and to make the decisions needed to finish projects on time and as successfully as possible.
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All that is needed is to spark a conversation

For years, long, tedious email exchanges have been at the heart of everyday business project management. Even simple aspects of projects have often needed detailed discussions about what is required, how to implement them and how to report back when the job is done. During exchanges like that, work becomes more "transactional" and restricted, with hours being wasted on unnecessary communication. With collaborative tools like Convo, project managers can get beyond this email bottleneck, and allow information to flow freely between team members. By sparking conversations that can be tracked by team members, Convo allows managers to know what is being achieved and what they need to focus on. Using the full range of collaboration tools, everything from flow charts and spreadsheets to architectural designs can be shared with the whole team. This creates a permanent conversation, with team members free to contribute to the full whenever they feel that they are required.

Let everyone's talent shine through

Project teams are assembled for a reason. Everyone has talents and energy that they can bring to the table. The challenge for managers is how to allow those talents to come to the fore when they are needed, and how to harness that energy to power the project as a whole. Business management tools like Convo allow managers to empower team members and maintain close control over every aspect of a project at the same time. Convo allows the building blocks of any project to be easily shared. Documents, applications, videos, ideas - all of them can be provided to team members to use. But it goes beyond this as well. With Convo, every team member can offer real- time annotations, send messages to each other and set up smart notifications to ensure that actions are performed. Those basic building blocks can be bundled into searchable groups, just like bricks are formed into walls, which become the structure of the finished house. It's a powerful idea. Instead of having team members work independently, they can continually work together, nurturing each other's abilities. The end result is productivity gains, a happy workforce and a confident project manager.
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