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One of the most important things to remember about project management is the fact that it is highly dynamic. In reality, managing a project is rarely cut and dry, and cannot be adequately mapped using a single static schedule. We recognize that a project is made up of a series of detailed and ongoing conversations between teammates. These conversations need to adapt to evolving objectives, challenges, deadlines, tasks, budgets, and metrics, as well as other factors involved in the completion of a project. Our cloud-based project management tools make it easier for teammates to engage in deeper and more conclusive conversations without slowing each other down. A checklist does not provide more clarity or speed in making the best decision possible among several teammates. Ultimately, better conversations enable you to complete the most complex tasks in a demanding environment and drive results.
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Effective organization is at the heart of Convo software

Convo enables you to organize your conversations, tasks, teammates, and shared files all in one place. You will no longer need to waste time sorting through fragmented email threads to learn what decisions have been made about a project and why. Convo helps you overcome the limitations of a traditional cloud task manager, and to streamline your discussions with other members of your team, making them more focused and purposeful. As a result, Convo is a much more productive workflow, as it eliminates all the unnecessary time that you previously would have spent sharing and searching company knowledge. We want all of your work conversations focus on getting real work done instead of just having a task management cloud.  

Maximize your knowledge with the Convo feed

We have found that threaded conversations with simple @mentions and notifications are highly effective for looping in new teammates into the conversation at relevant points. With Convo Annotation, marked takeaways add more context and clarity to what's being discussed. It's easy to draw a box to highlight what’s important on images or text to have the most focused conversations over files or links. When teammates click on a comment, it’ll link to the Annotation so they’ll know precisely what you’re referencing so it's easy to get up to speed without more meetings. It becomes very clear other cloud task management tools don't focus on the real benefits of collaboration. Moreover, our feed format lends well to picking up ambient knowledge, as you can quickly browse for information that help you to complete your tasks more efficiently. With Convo, every conversation is archived and searchable so teammates can have have access to the company's knowledge base.
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