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It's amazing where a conversation can lead. When you are trying to implement a complex project, there is always a tendency for workers to to disappear into their own task, and miss out on the overall direction of the project. Working on their own part of the project, they focus on what is relevant to them, missing out on the bigger picture. Then, like a jigsaw puzzle with crucial parts missing, when you come to put the pieces together, they don't make sense. Good project implementation depends upon good communication. Any means of encouraging workers to cooperate and share information is a useful way to enhance efficiency and coordinate the multiple elements of a smoothly functioning team.
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Business collaboration software is a cutting edge solution to these problems. A huge chunk of the conversations occurring within businesses today centers on files stored by Cloud function, so that they can be accessed by workers who may be some distance apart. The problem is that when it comes to discussing the contents of these files most tools used to keep workers in contact are deeply flawed. Think of Skype, long chains of e-mails or Gchat. In none of those environments is it possible to replicate the experience of having project workers together in one room, sharing ideas and making the project move forwards. But with Convo, things are different. That's because collaborative software like Convo utilizes the power of the Cloud to let team members discuss every aspect of the project at once. Instead of focusing on individual documents and then zooming out to take stock of the bigger picture, with collaboration software, teams can take a broader perspective, keeping everything in frame and making sure that nothing is missed. So with Convo, it's the quality of conversation that matters, limiting the need for frustrating e-mail exchanges or relentless Skype calls. 

True team collaboration starts with better conversations

Convo matters because it strengthens relationships within teams. In many ways, conversations are relationships. They stimulate the flow of ideas, so that creativity and practical thinking become a part of project, keeping the project on track. Instead of team members going away and working on their own tasks, the conversation keeps everything together. Each team member, and the files that they create, are far more visible, it ensures that everybody feels a sense of inclusion within the project and, crucially, it encourages team members to take action when required. Team collaboration tools are all about making small gains which add up to something far bigger. With everyone involved in the conversation, nothing is missed, ideas are not lost, and the confidence of team members is enhanced. By working together all the time, users realize big efficiency gains. And, for managers having conversations in one place means that it is easier to keep track of progress and team dynamics.
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