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Collaboration means sharing, building off ideas, and benefiting from multiple perspectives. A dynamic back-and- forth conversation is at the heart of great collaboration. When a collaborative conversation is a part of the workstream, roles and goals become clear, setting up the project for success. Up until now, email has been the most common solution for teams to collaborate on projects or tasks; however, this practice is time-consuming and often frustrating. Email hasn't evolved with the needs of your business. For example, the process of searching through endless email threads for important information or files is costly and broken. Email overload is such a problem that important messages can be missed because they are avoided altogether. If tasks are urgent or require careful feedback, professionals have learned that email isn't the right tool to use. Meetings can be effective but coordinating calendars for availability every time a decision needs to be made isn't a sustainable process. Fast, simple, and highly effective, Convo provides the ideal collabortive solution when emails and meetings fall flat.
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Stronger teams have better output

When a collaborative solution isn't built into the company, the quality of output can suffer along with strained relationships. Team members need to feel that their input is valued and contribute directly to the overall success of the project. Convo makes information visible, be it updates, feedback, or files. Team members are invited to chime-in and share their mix of different skills or experiences. For example, Convo's Annotation function enables individual team members to highlight and articulate their expertise. This is more than a small, incremental improvement over email, but instead, an evolved workflow that can deliver serious, compounding results.

Bring teammates up to speed, faster

During any project, it becomes crucial to add a new team member to have her share her expertise and contribute to the collaborative process. Traditionally, this is manual process: calendars are coordinated, a meeting is set, you'd have to bring her up-to-speed with all the detailed background information. With Convo, you can skip this step entirely. Simply @mention a team member onto any Convo post to give her access to the complete history of previous conversations including feedback and files. You no longer need to spend valuable time briefing them about all the aspects of the project or forward old email chains and expect them to sift out the relevant information. Convo helps new team members jump into any project and participate immediately.
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