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Waiting for urgent feedback is not only frustrating but costly for your business. Important decisions involve detailed collaboration from multiple stakeholders, and Convo aims to make this feedback cycle far more streamlined. Your team's decision-making ability is dramatically slowed when there's a lack of clarity around what's concretely needed from specific teammates. The ultimate goal for Convo is to remove any friction, reduce delay, or ambiguity when your whole team needs to work together to complete complex projects. Simplified communication is essential to the collaborative process. For example, Convo Annotation is designed to ensure collaboration to be intuitive, requiring less energy and cognitive load when sharing important insights. As a result, a streamlined platform for collaboration means faster execution, faster iterations, and faster to market. Our clients from leading companies not only complete tasks at a more rapid pace, but also at a higher bar of quality. Productivity gains and results happen when collaboration is clear, concise, and specificcally directed to who can help.
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Email chains among multiple teammates makes it difficult to track what's important and actionable. With Convo, however, you can send short, powerful messages instead of email chains. These collaborative tools enable you to disseminate information quickly and appropriately. Convo's Annotation feature enables you to point out particularly relevant pieces of information and to mark up exactly what you need to say. For remote teams, Convo enables other offices, contractors, or those traveling to stay connected in the most focused way. This is a prerequisite for ensuring that your project is complete with maximum efficiency. Keeping everyone informed in real-time about the status of tasks is crucial to ensuring that everyone is on track with the project and is using their time in the best possible way. Internal email is cumbersome when needing to keep everyone informed about the status of tasks or projects. Convo is built to produce while keeping coordinated with your team.

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It's efficient to keep all your files and conversations together. With Convo, our Groups feature keeps your company organized for different parts of work. For exampe, Groups can be team-based such as a Marketing Group so everyone on that team can keep updated or a Group that is project-based like a "new website project” so conversations and feedback stay in one place. When you have improved structure around teammates, posts, files, and links, everything is easy to find when you need it. If a new teammate joins the team, a simple @mention will give him access to previous discussion and knowledge. Convo fosters a highly collaborative, effective, and time saving workflow. We're committed to the belief that better conversations push projects to completion. Ultimately, we want you to spend more time with your ideas, your creativity, and the often neglected un-automatable parts of work.
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