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Save valuable time with Convo’s features:
Share project updates, feedback and files with teams
Create groups to help organize links and files for every part of work
Work with external clients, vendors or any third-parties on Convo
All your conversations are archived and easily searchable
Document collaboration on your smartphone
Produce files and move forward with projects without wasting time over the shortcomings of emails, screenshares, or meetings. Convo not only takes care of document collaboration but helps teams stay on top of the wider project. For example, let’s consider Google Docs, which handles simple annotation. The problem is you can only discuss the actual document that everyone is in at the time. This means that the document, which is probably a part of a bigger project, becomes the hub for chatter, and if not, you have to rely back to email, Skype or some sort of IM. This fragmentation becomes costly as you waste time hunting down for who said what, when, and where.

Document collaboration is not true collaboration

Investing in better conversations will save teams time, energy, and confusion. A conversation on Convo is especially effective with our Annotation feature that allow teammates to highlight snippets from images or text that link to comments so feedback is always crystal clear. This provides more context compared to any other document collaboration software. Once other teammates click through on your comment, they’re lead straight to the snippet you highlighted. The experience is intuitive and further explanation isn’t needed when your team has the right document collaboration tools. Convo will feel as if your team we’re in the same room, working together. When your work conversations can say so much more,  producing actual work has far less friction and projects can move forward in the minimal time required. Faster feedback. Faster output. Faster to market. 

Online document collaboration for mobile and desktop

From beginning to end, great communication is at the heart of your best work, and the right document collaboration online tool keeps the conversation flowing whether you're on your mobile device or desktop. Work shouldn't have wait until you're back in the office. Nowadays, any competitive advantage that can help you get to important information faster or make better decisions is far too important for your business's bottom line. Teams of up to 50 can try Convo for free without a credit card. Sign up at today and join the other 8,000 companies using Convo to evolve past email and meeting overload.
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