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Since Facebook came up with the feed metaphor, we adapted it for meaningful work conversations that are topical, easy to revisit and pick up where you left off at any time. IRC-style group chat and email might suffice for one or two topics; however, there's very little to no context to go back to later. Time is often wasted tracking down essential information and becomes costly to your bottom line. Chat groups and email are solving a smaller team problem with the main benefit being able to interrupt someone to ask them a quick question. Robust business operations need more than the transient functionality of group chats. Instead, Convo is built for companies who believe that running a better business lies in better communication, and our software is designed to help you achieve this goal. With Convo, your team can carry a real-time, threaded conversations across multiple teams or projects, all in one place. Since everything posted on Convo is archived and searchable, captured knowledge is always available when you need it later.
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Where Convo differs from project management software and group chat rooms is that we want important decisions to be made without you having to wait or slow down other teammates. Meetings become necessary only because email doesn't communicate efficiently, nor does it lend well to collecting detailed feedback from multiple people. Convo solves this. Conversations with clearly marked takeaways set the stage for action, and Convo Annotation makes it easy to draw a box to highlight what’s important on images or text to have the most focused conversations over files. When teammates click on a comment, it’ll link to the Annotation so they’ll know precisely what you’re referencing. With Convo, teams can shorten feedback cycles and collect the information without the limitations of business emails, or meeting requests. Whether it's brainstorming or getting approvals, Convo helps teams get the job done more effectively than business chat.  

Work where it counts

A recent study by McKinsey revealed that typically, we spend 13 hours a week dealing with emails and just 6.4 hours a week collaborating with our co-workers. That's clearly broken. Convo aims to enable teams to put more thought into the work that matters most. Instead of being buried under an overflowing email inbox or stuck in meetings all day, we believe better conversations with clear insights drive true productivity gains. Also, with Convo Search, your answers are no longer in someone else's inbox. Convo eliminates the need to spend so much valuable work time tracking down internal company knowledge. When new teammates join the company or project, a simple @mention on previous posts could get them up to speed on background information, files, and the thinking behind decisions made in the past. Convo captures your IP and becomes the place to share and discover knowledge.
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